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  Ferrari F360 Rear Diffusers

These Ferrari F360 Challenge Stradale components are designed to fit the standard Ferrari F360 Modena.

According to Ferrari factory specifications for the Challenge Stradale, these diffusers (underbody spoilers) substantially increase negative lift (downforce) and provide improved stability at speed.

These components are manufactured from high tensile aluminum.

Easy to fit, with all fittings and instructions supplied.

Finished in Satin Black.

Ferrari F360 Rear Diffusers per set:
US$ 750.00 plus shipping
(AU$ 990.00 incl. GST ex. freight)

Can be supplied individually as replacement part
Specify Left or Right
US$ 375.00 plus shipping
(AU$ 495.00 incl. GST ex. freight)

Ferrari F360 Challenge Stradale Fitting Instructions PDF
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