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  Ferrari F430 Scuderia Stripe

This Scuderia Stripe is a computer printed polymer decal kit.

The kit is easy to fit and will not damage your paintwork.

The quality polymer material will not fade, shrink or crack and the high gloss clear coat finish blends perfectly with the paintwork and can be safely washed and polished.

Easily removable or replaced when damaged.

Supplied with spare hood segment and easy fit instructions.

Ferrari F430 Scuderia Stripe   Silver/Black
US$ 395.00 plus shipping
(AU$ 462.00 incl. GST ex. freight)

* This kit is designed to be a flexible fit and would look great on any Ferrari.  All segments supplied are 4’ (1200mm) long for a universal fit.

F360 Performance Parts Challenge Stradale Stripe Fitting Instructions PDF
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