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This replica Ferrari F1 Simulator is authentic in size and shape to contemporary F1 cars. As this is a fully functional simulator pod as well as a showpiece, we have adapted the cockpit to be easily accessible for people up to 6'3" with a BMI of 27. The F1 steering wheel is mounted on an authentic quick release hub and the Pro Series pedals are electronically adjustable for length from the driver's cockpit, adapting perfectly to the individual size and driving style. Our fully integrated motion system, which is an option available on ordering, will give you an unprecedented simulation experience. Whether you are plunging through Eau Rouge at Spa or on track at Monaco, your head and body feels every corner, every jump, every brake and accelerator application and you literally hang out there through really quick sweeping corners. For those wanting the most extreme motorsport experience this is the way to go. This system is very similar to the F1 teams' driving simulators at a fraction of the cost. The color schemes and graphics can be formatted to any racing livery or a corporate look for promotional purposes. The professional motorsport software supplied with the package contains all of the major circuits around the world in breathtaking HD clarity. For the enthusiast who has everything, this is the only thing left!

F1 Car Features and Specifications:

bullet Accurately styled F1 Chassis
bullet Quality Composite Bodywork
bullet High Gloss Enamel finish
bullet Authentic Replica F1 Wheels
bullet Authentic Replica F1 Tyres
bullet Authentic Replica F1 Aerodynamic Diffuser and Wings
bullet Authentic "Big Mac" F1 seat and race harness
bullet Replica suspension and brake assemblies
bullet Detachable nosecone and wing assembly
bullet Manufactured from Fibreglass, Carbon Fibre, Aluminium & Chrome Moly Steel
bullet Fully Formatted Extreme Gaming PC with F1 licensed rFactor software
bullet 3 screen 46" LCD Matrox Primary Display
bullet Integrated Motion Control System
bullet Pro Series electronically adjustable pedal set
bullet Force Feedback driving controls
bullet Dolby Surround Sound System
bullet Vibration Transducer fitted to F1 seat
bullet Color and Graphics to order
bullet Supplied with a 3 year component replacement warranty

Dimensions - 4750mm x 1880mm x 1120mm (over airbox camera)  Gross Weight - 280kgs

Custom F1 Simulator Car - The package

The complete F1 Simulator Car package includes a 3 screen LCD Matrox Primary Display, a fully formatted quad core high end PC, professional PC road case, Integral Motion Control System, Dolby sound system and professional driving controls, all installed and commissioned by us anywhere in the world

For copyright purposes, livery application is the responsibility of the purchaser.

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